Pawl Crank Link Plunger Assembly Left Williams Bally 93-99

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Here is a replacement Left Flipper plunger link pawl/crank assembly.

This example has the Oval link. (non-tapered)

Williams / Bally started with the oval link in 1993 on STTNG and Judge Dredd)

This plunger with the oval link does not pull in as far (1/16″ less) as it’s tapered predecessor, so they also changed the coil stop at the same time, making the plug 1/16″ longer.

This assembly should always be paired with the A-12390 stop.

If you use the oval link assembly on a Williams / Bally pin dated earlier than the 2 above, it will work, but you may experience flipper chatter, and/or a hum on the hold side; unless you change the coil stop to the number indicated above.

Williams / Bally: A-15848-L

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