Gottlieb Coin Door Complete with Harness Frame Joker Poker

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Complete Gottlieb coin door removed from a 1977 solid state Joker Poker.

All the switches, buttons, springs, and even the lockout coil are intact.

Needs a new lock.

The frame has 2 through cabinet mounting bolts on top and bottom, measuring 10″ on center.

The sides each have 3 through cabinet mounting bolts, measuring 4-1/4″ on center.

I see one little dent in the outer skin, but the light has to hit the surface just so, to see it.

The plug is a 15-pin molex, with 14 wires; the harness has the lines for the plum & roll tilt assembly.

It’s dirty, but will clean, and polish up nicely.

Additional information

Weight5.80 kg
Dimensions37 × 33 × 22 cm


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