LED Bulb Lamp 2-SMD Super Bright Bayonet Non Ghosting House Brand #47 #44

$1.10 CAD


Now offering my own branded “Absolute” LED bulbs.

Intense brightness, 2 SMD (Surface Mound Diode) Frosted dome top.

100% Non Ghosting / Flickering

These are the bulbs used by Stern in TWD, Star Trek, AC/DC, and Metallica.

25% brighter than the standard 1-SMD 5050 bulb.

“Cool White AKA-Natural White”, same bulb; pure white, no reddish, or orange hue.

To see the difference between “Natural/Cool White” & “Warm White” view the photo gallery #4.

Warm white has a yellow/reddish hue.

These Bulbs are made with an 11mm diameter…Narrow enough for Gottlieb, and other Narrow Hole GI Applications.

Color choices: Cool White, Red, Green, Orange, Purple, Yellow, Blue.

Longest life span, and Brightest illumination for the cost!

6.3V AC/DC and engineered for stable, maximum lighting and longevity.

Bayonet style (same as the old #44 & #47)


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Blue, Cool White, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow


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