Plunger Link for Auto Launch-Slingshots-Kick Outs and More

$2.89 CAD


This “arrow head” shaped plunger link is often Blue in color.

In newer pins late 80’s and on, the most common use is in Slingshots, Ball Auto Launch, Diverters, & Kick-outs.

Since there is no EXACT fitting replacements on the market for the older Bally-Stern-Williams (70’s-80’s) plunger links used in the Slingshot, and Kick-outs, this is what most sites say to use.

Well, it is not an exact fit as there will be play (slop) on the large hole mount, truly defeating the purpose of changing it.

If purchasing to use as a replacement for part P-7373 found on the early solid state units, please advise in the drop down window, and I will include a spacer to take up the slack.

There is no direct fitting replacement for P-7373 on the market today!

Check the photo gallery to see these used as a replacement for the P-7373 on a 1980 Silverball Mania.

Product shipped could be Blue, or Black.

Data East: 545-5293-00

Williams: 03-8085 / 01-1789



Additional information

Weight.001 kg
Dimensions2 × 1 × .5 cm

Pre 1984, Post 1984


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