Pop Bumper-Metal Yoke All Brands

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Note: As of Jan./24 I have switch to using the flat metal yoke. (non-Gottlieb-see photos) It’s not as robust, but it’s less money. If you truly prefer the Gottlieb style, just add a note on the checkout page, and I will send you those (if any left)

Pop bumper metal yoke, sometimes referred to as a armature link.

This will fit all makes of pins. On older pins it may be necessary to file down the lip somewhat, or flip it upwards.

Some older part numbers this replaces are:

Data East / Stern / Sega: 535-7346-00

Williams: 01-5492

Gottlieb: A-12149

Bally: P-3656-1(5)

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Weight.01 kg
Dimensions4 × 2 × 1 cm


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