Backglass Trim Edge Protective Framing Set Top & Left Right Sides

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Here is a solution for replacing the always missing, or broken protective top and left / right side edges of your backglass, be it new, or original.

Not only does it protect the edges, but it takes up slack in the backglass resting channel, thereby eliminating the backglass “flop / shake” noise which occurs as you play the pin.

This is a very tight fit, and you will have to widen the opening of the edge guard in advance of applying.

7′ is the length included, as this will cover all standard, and the smaller glass.

If you have a widebody, or unusual glass size, such as Big Guns, please advise, in the note section on the order page.

Additional information

Weight.03 kg
Dimensions17 × 17 × 4 cm


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