Twin Star Rollover Insert Mount-Used Translucent Green Amber Red & Solid Red

$4.98 CAD


Twin Star Rollover mount/playfield & lamp insert; used.

These are all used, pulled from old playfields, therefor they will have glue residue &/or dirty.

They fit all brands; Gottlieb, Bally, Williams, Stern, Data East, Chicago Coin.

The dirt cleans off nicely in a ultrasonic cleaner.

The old glue, with a Dremel.

These all come with an original White rollover star.(C-900)

If you choose to change it out to a new one, the only safe way to do this is to snip off the tip on the underside, then push up on the remaining shaft from the bottom, a toothpick works well.

This will prevent breaking any of the 5 tensioned arms holding the star.

Another advantage of using used is I have always find they fit better, and the edges are already have a rough, porous edge that clings to the new adhesive.

Note: If your changing out the Star, keep the old one, and compare the shaft to the new. I have noticed that on some of the new ones the shaft is too thick at points, and needs to be shaved back slightly with a blade, or it won’t move freely in the insert core.

Bally: C-901

Williams: 03-7538-9

Gottlieb: D-11968

Additional information

Weight.01 kg
Dimensions3 × 2 × 1 cm

Solid Flat Red, Translucent Amber, Translucent Green, Translucent Red


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