Crank Link Plunger Assembly 1987 Data East Laser War to 1995 Sega Baywatch

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Crank link plunger assembly with / without  Red Neoprene EOS switch actuator.

This will fit left or right.

You want the hex bolt head (attaching crank to link) facing down into cabinet when installed, so removing the bolt and flipping the crank over maybe required depending on your application left, or right.

NOTE: Don’t lose the metal link bushing when you take it apart!

This will work on 1987 Laser War to 1989 Monday Night Football, but order it with the red neoprene switch activator.

Notes: The first few DE Titles had a very unique “crank/switch actuator” assembly. I cannot state how many titles this was found in other than Laser War, as photos on the internet are not accurate, due to upgrades having been done. I have been informed the first 3 titles maybe. Anyway, this older style is unobtainium, and the newer crank will work, but you should add a bend to your EOS switch, so that the actuator does not open the switch too soon. Examples can be seen in the photo gallery. Even after adding the bend you may have to manipulate your switch to attain the correct 1/8″ gap timing. (see photo gallery)

Data East did not use a End of Stroke (EOS) switch from 1990 Phantom of the Opera up to and including 1993 Rocky and Bullwinkle. (order without red neoprene actuator)

From 1993 Jurassic Park up to and including 1995 Sega Baywatch, you want the same assembly, but with the red neoprene EOS switch actuator, listed separately.

NOTE: A tapered link should be used on all Data East Sega  games up to, and including Baywatch, for proper flipper rotation.

Data East: 515-5051-00

Additional information

Weight.09 kg
Dimensions11 × 3 × 2 cm
With / Without Red Neoprene actuator

With Red Neoprene Actuator, Without Red Neoprene Actuator


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