Double Axle Arcade Game PCB 1990 Taito 2-Player Horizontal Driver

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Double Axle, monster truck themed arcade game printed circuit board (PCB) released by Taito Japan in 1990.

This board is 100% operational, and was removed from a 2-player cockpit driver.

This has a Jamma pinout, but take note it’s not a standard plug n play Jamma.

The RGBSG for the monitor as it’s own input, labeled “V” which has 1″ of harness that you will have to patch into.

The power inputs also have their own plug labeled “H” with 1″ of harness that you will have to patch into.

I will include a printout of the hookups I found online.

Board is dusty, and dirty, as pictured.

I’m offering the PCB only, anything else seen in the photos was used / need to display test, and is not included.

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Dimensions36 × 34 × 8 cm


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