Pawl Crank Link Plunger Assembly Left Williams 80-93 Bally 88-93

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One piece Left side Pawl/crank, link and plunger assembly.

This will fit Williams from 1980 firepower up to, and including 1993 Indiana Jones.

This will fit Bally from 1988 Truck Stop (lower flippers only) up to, and including 1993 Twilight Zone.

Williams Bally: B-10665-L / B-13882-L

The above two parts are identical except B-13882-L has a added part which I call “Return Spring Mount Arm”  (01-9376)

This was added when Williams/Bally removed the tapered plunger mounted return spring, and decided to go with the smaller remote mounted return spring.

Remote mounted return springs started on Addams Family for Bally, and Hurricane for Williams.

This will come with the “return spring mount arm”, but it is only used on the B-13882-L assembly in following titles.

Williams: Hurricane, Fish Tales, BS Dracula, Indiana Jones.

Bally: Addams Family, Black Rose, Doctor Who, Creature, Twilight Zone.

For proper flipper rotation this “tapered link” assembly should always be paired with the A-12111 coil stop.

For any Williams / Bally produced after STTNG & TZ you want the A-15848-L Pawl/Crank assembly which has the  “oval link”

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