Ramp Flap Playfield Transition Spring Stainless Steel Sheet

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Doing a restoration and you find that your ramp to playfield transition flaps are bent, curled, cracked, creased, rusty, or all of the above?

If your lucky you may find a supplier with NOS that matches the pin your restoring, if not, well you can produce your own, out of this material.

Offered in a 6″ x 4″ piece, @ .005 thickness.

Choice of regular spring steel, or stainless.(Stainless is very shiny)

Each piece will include 2–7/32″ Tubular Aluminum rivets.

This task is not for the faint hearted, and you also need to have the correct tools/parts.

First, remove the old flap, by drilling the rivets.

Trace the old flap out on the new material; don’t forget to mark the rivet holes.

You will have to drill the rivet holes, prior to cutting the flap from the main piece of spring steel.

To make the cuts, you will need a good pair of aviation cutters.

To fasten the rivets. you will require a tubular rivet punch.

Check the “Photo Gallery” for examples from a Pin*Bot.

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Regular Steel, Stainless Steel


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